Monday, February 29, 2016

Wargames Table: Telegraph Poles

One of the neat properties of the Normandy and Market Garden tables is that they can both have terrain pinned on them. I took advantage of this property today with some scratch built telegraph poles. I know they aren't as detailed as they probably should be, but I think they can pass for cement poles reasonably well.  When we use the table the string will probably get annoying, but I think it adds a lot of flavor. All I need to do now is dust the poles up so they look weathered.

Tiny fences are next on the docket. I think using pins to hold them in place is going to really sell the board, since the terrain features will appear attached.


  1. Yeah, the poles with the "wire" give the board a really nice touch.

  2. Beautiful! Can you do a close-up of the poles and let us know what went into them?

  3. This is already too pretty for me to think of gaming on it, I'd be worried about wrecking it.

    1. I appreciate the sentiment. I was worried as well, but the teddy bear fur covered with flock and then doused in matte medium has a sort of sponginess which provides some shock absorption.