Monday, November 2, 2015

Weathering Experiments

Marc Raley kindly shared a method of paint chipping using windex a while back, and I finally had the chance to give it a shot and see what I could do with it. As usual, I picked up some rhino hatches and went to town. Given that I was going to go overboard with the weathering on purpose, I thought it would be fun to paint the doors as if they were Death Guard.

Chipping Process

  • Paint base coat rust
  • Laquer varnish
  • Paint top coat
  • Use Windex to eat through the top coat exposing the base coat

On the right door hatch I painted on some of GW's crackle paint to see if it would make realistic paint blisters. I think I need to paint up an entire rhino side section in order to get this right. Chipping control was very difficult for me. It was far easier using a toothpick to pull scratch around. The mud is Tamiya's mud product. It really needs to have a dry section of mud further up the vehicle in order to sell the effect, but I wasn't sure what color the mud would dry in the first place.

Given how weathered the doors are, these have to represent Death Guard who have already fallen to Chaos and begun the long war.


  1. How are you applying the windex john? I like the effect!

    1. The windex is used with a brush on the finished top coat. It eats away the paint.

  2. haha nice .. I should have just picked up some spare Rhino bits when I was testing instead of the full Russ.. oh well.. 8) .. The doors are coming out looking nice.. I agree, the dried mud will really sell the affect..

  3. That's an awesome way to do some chipping, never thought of using the windex to remove the top paint.