Sunday, November 15, 2015

On The Painting Table: Lightenings, Marauders, and One Tiny Thunderhawk

Rejuvenated post Fall-In, I jumped back into painting Epic 40K models. I am really happy to have found a thunderhawk to add to my Sons of Horus force. It is still glossy from the varnish, but I think it will look the part once it is one the table with my marines. The Marauders and Lightenings are for the Imperial Guard force, which will be run as a local PDF force. I am planning a narrative game that will let us play the first betrayal, where the legions purged their ranks.


  1. Yah for more Epic-ness.

    Are you all excited about the new specialist games perhaps doing Epic?

    1. Yes. I hope they come out with new models so more people can enjoy the game.