Thursday, July 9, 2015

Historical Bolt Action Army Nearing Completion

I am in the home stretch with my Bolt Action army for Historicon next week. The big hurdle was basing. I decided to mix magic merlin plaster with pigments to create the earth tone you see here. I then added leaves, twigs, and scale model bricks. After that I had dried I applied a very dilute mixture of alcohol + water + weathering powder. That toned down all the colors on the bases and made them recede a little to the background. All I need to do now is touch up all of the base rims with black and add random tufts of static grass. I might even throw in some yellow flowers to make the vegetation look more interesting. After all, plants don't grow alone.

I just realized that I forgot to paint chip the vehicles. So thee steps forward, one tiny tedious step backward.

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