Friday, July 31, 2015

Death Korps of Krieg Combat Engineers & HQ

I am finally nearing the point where some of the models are looking finished. This is where the long push starts to pay off and the models begin looking like the finished pieces. I still have a ways to go on them, but I can start envisioning what they will look like on the board.  The engineers have more washes, glazes, and layers to go, but the overall feel of the models is now set. Basically if you squint at them now and squint at them once all of the shading is done, the models will basically look the same. Engineers are a really characterful unit. They do the heavy lifting in the Krieg forces, building forward observation posts, trenches, and artillery emplacements. The 12 painted here will allow me to field two squads if I choose to do so, though likely they will end up joined in one big squad walking behind a tunneling hades breaching drill. I am not really sure what to do with the mole mortar. It looks like a pretty iffy unit game-wise, but it looks good paired with the breaching drill.

One of the time consuming tasks for NOVA besides the models themselves is the display board. I relish this part of army construction. However this year I have some problems. I have so many models that a normal 2x2 board simply isn't large enough. I'd really like to have a board with trenches and emplaced artillery, but what do I do with all the extra models? My list includes 3 heavy artillery pieces, 3 quad launchers, 3 medium mortars, 3 bombards, loads of infantry, and then 30 death riders. That takes a lot of space. I've though about doing a multi-level display, but really have no interest in that. Maybe I should bring an entire table to NOVA. :)


  1. Multiple carts, connected, with a train track going across them, and have the artillery pieces sitting on the back of the train.


    1. A train is an awesome idea. I could build one of those artillery cars with the huge guns on it. Better still, the armored train could function.

      Of course, I am a little short on time! I love the idea though.

    2. Ya, the time element is huge. I'm working on my displays and finally got them to "crackle paste" time. I can't imagine also having to build an entire thunderhawk to crash into everything and blow me away so much that I'm inspired for an entire year after seeing it!

  2. Looking good. Esp liking the HQ. If I knew where you lived, I'd steal them !

  3. What colors did you use could you please tell me ? Thanks !