Friday, October 11, 2013

Battle For Salvation Thunderhawk Recovery Force

Updated with new photos above

I wasn't able to get my real camera to work this morning, something about battery exhausted. So we'll have to make do with more blurry iphone photos. I had t post photos, because I am really proud of how this army is turning out. I plan to go back and re-weather the storm talon's after BFS to bring them in-line with the new painting style. Right now they lack oil washes, which makes them stand out quite a bit. I hope I am able to win at least one game with this army. I'd gladly accept a tie. I think with three full squads, I should at least be able to control one of my objectives. At the NOVA narrative I noticed that my army folded once close combat monsters got in range. Hopefully I can produce two bastions, using the dread to anchor two squads and the terminators and one squad anchoring the other. That leaves the scouts to hitch a ride in a rhino and sit on some other objective. The captain may join them to give them a little punch. Outside of that I plan to castle up.

After the experience making this board, I really want to make a full city table with ruined building and downed aircraft. I really want to play a game on a table where this board would be just one piece of the terrain. Too bad I used a non-standard size!


  1. Why not make a 4x4 board using this display as a main focal point. It can be recessed into the board and other features added to the remaining area. This way the thunderhawk still remains a display board and it can be repositioned on the playing surface. Or make it 4x6 and add in supporting features.

  2. This is amazing work man.

    This can be solved making some more non-standard sized complements for this board until they meet the 4x6 size... or keep making boards and do a bigger board, change a bit the turn duration rules and give it a shot...

  3. Oh man that looks the goods mate - nice to see some of the older stuff in there too.

    What do you mean by oil wash - when you do attack that aspect of the Talons do you think you could highlight it in a write up.

    1. Oils washes are oil paints thinned down with white spirit. They flow perfectly, and stay workable on the model for hours. This makes them really easy to blend and to remove. I'll definitely make a post about it.

  4. A very nice army. I like the paint scheme. I do think you should position to army around the thunder hawk in a defensive pattern to go with the rescue theme. Now it looks like they are just rushing by.

  5. Posing them properly would make them look better. I was just trying to rank them up to make sure I had everything I needed. The side effect was that after ranking them this way their placement stayed pretty much the same during the tournament. It was just easier to see what models I had forgotten to pick up.