Thursday, October 10, 2013

Battle For Display Board: Thunderhawk Down

May I present Thunderhawk Down, the display board that accompanies my Ultramarines 315th Expeditionary Chapter (pre-heresy eventually). I have no idea what possessed me to rip apart a display board and give myself a nightmarish amount of painting two days before hitting the road to New York, but the painter abides.

I'll take better photos of the army on the board tomorrow morning when the light is better, but the idea was to present a crashed thunderhawk being recovered by ultramarines. At this phase in the construction the model was still semi-gloss varnished and hadn't had the overall dusting of thinned down graveyard earth that is necessary to set the model back into the terrain.

I really can't believe I completed this. It goes to show how important weathering is as a painters tool. The more I look at it the more I want to surround the hawk with tallarn desert raiders in their yellows and greens, or kroot in their earth tones. I've always loved the movie Flight of the Phoenix, and seeing the hawk incorporated into a desert tent marketplace would be pretty interesting.  Think aliens, using the structure to build other make shift structures as part of some dessert bazaar.

I hope this display excites gamers at the GT. After all, I am not going there to win. (one came would be nice) If anyone else is going to BFS,  stop by and say hello. I'll be the guy with the crashed thunderhawk and the Ultramarine scouts ;)


  1. That is flippin' excellent, man - beautiful work!

  2. That's looks great. How long did it take to complete it all ?

  3. I think it took around 8 hours all told. One night after work, and one morning before work. I already had a display board which I embedded the thunderhawk into, so I had a good starting point. I also used hydrocal for all of the gap filling around the model. That stuff dried in about an hour, which is incredible.

  4. Is that a real FW thunder hawk that you just made into a display board?

  5. Thanks for sharing this post.This is the one of the best display board & in a budget.