Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Warhound Now With Weapons

The end is in sight! I still have a lot to paint on the warhound, but enough of the model is now put together that I would not feel embarrassed fielding it in a game. It is coming close to the time when she will have to walk. (walk is the term for military planetfall for titans)

Now the bad news is that I glued some of the hose ports on the wrong gun, so I need to do some prying re-glueing and re-painting. Then the crew will see some paint. I also have to either cast a replacement shoulder cap, or build one, to replace the one I lost. Those will cover the shoulder ball joints which you can see on the photo.

There are ample opportunities for weathering, but I am going to wait until I figure out the decal/freehand situation. The Ledio Astorum have a morning star for their symbol, and I need to work that in somehow. I may try to print my own decals, and use them as templates, but who knows.


  1. Very nice work! To be honest I think it would get away with not having any shoulder pads...

  2. looking epic there mate how did you do the white it looks really good
    keep up the good work
    El Reevo