Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Warhound: Part 45345454345

 I love GW Tin Bitz. I am down to my last two pots. This makes me sad. Not as bad as being down to my last Bolt Gun Metal pot, but sad just the same.

On the other hand, despite running out of two old range paints, I am really pleased with how the metal portions are coming on the model. They still need highlighting and washes, but I think vents are starting to look cool. Overall, the warhound is really starting to shape up. I am undecided if I should spray a matte varnish on this guy. She already has a coat of Purity Seal, which was necessary for the oil washes. Decals and Oil washes are still to come, so she'll be shiny for a bit longer.

So how about a real name for this beast?


  1. "per mortem pede" death by foot! Dude I'm always blown away when someone tackles one of these monsters. there is nothing quite like seeing a talented painter doing it justice. Im also really happy to see a green body! Definite sense of realism added with this colour scheme. and yes the metals have turned out lovely!

  2. Nihil Ultra - none better
    Audentes Fortuna Iuvat - fortune favors the bold
    Velox et Mortifer - swift and deadly

    and of course, my favorite for a Warhound...
    Cave Canem: beware of dog!

  3. Loving it mate - absolutely loving it. Any chance you can list your paints used for the blue, green and white. My poor Titan has been sat in a half state for a long time but I am wary of going at it again as I am not sure on colours - Looking at your previous posts you have airbrushed a lot of this and I think with time I can learn to mimic these results.

    1. I'll do my best Muppet. I did a lot of ad hoc mixing when I was painting the main body, which made the weapon arms very difficult to color match. I used Model Air colors for the green, gold, blue, and gold. I used GW paints for the greys and white.

      I think I used : (the 1st blue may have been intermediate blue)
      UK Mediterranean Blue (then highlighted with U.K. Azure--just mix in a drop)

      Cam Green (then highlighted with Pale Green-again just a drop)

    2. Cheers John - I've got a broad range of colours under the Model Air and Model Colour range including the ones listed so it gves me something to go from - Appreciate you taking the time to feedback.

    3. Any time man. Send me a note when you start your build. I'll follow it closely. It has taken me years to finally start one of my Titans. Now I feel silly for waiting.