Sunday, April 28, 2013

Legion Outrider Squad

I thought I'd share a quick peak at my WIP legion Outrider squad. The weathering and dusting on the tires is not done, but since I've not seen anyone else paint these particular models up I thought I would share.

After painting the marines themselves, it makes me never want to paint plastic again. The edges are just so sharp these were a joy to paint.


  1. Wow. Those models look awesome. I look forward to seeing them after some weathering.

  2. Those look really good and I'm glad they are good models. I have to disagree with you on the resin marines though. I've gotten so many miscasts from Forge World that I'm starting to get sick of spending the extra money with them. Even the ones that are usable tend to be messed up.

  3. What lovely bikes. But I'm not really happy about forking out a large sum of money for what is essentially just a few extra resin bits and pieces. But then again, they do look good and Forge World has never been cheap...

    Either way, lovely paint job!

  4. Love these new models and you've done a great job on them!

    On a side note how compatible are the Forge World outrider parts with GW's Space marine bike parts?

  5. The outrider parts are designed to fit the SM Scout bikes