Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emperors Children Color Test

I had a bad day at work. Usually that means I am not in a very good mood when I get home, and I can't enter the kind of painting zen necessary for painting to be fun. Knowing this, I decided to grab an old twice painted miniature and just test out a potential purple color scheme for my ECS. Why not do the low stress version of painting. I know that if I tried a color test on one of my forgeworld moldels I would have been worried about the outcome.

On this mini everything besides the purple was splashed on, just to see how it would contrast color wise. I didn't even bother to paint the storm shield, and the thunder hammer is just washed boltgun metal. I think the miniature served its purpose though. I think I need my ECS to start with more of a blacker navy blue base.

What do you think? Keep experimenting with purple, push the highlights, or accept this as is?


  1. I like the colour you have achieved here. I would proabbly do one layer of extreme highlighting now just to really define the model and make everything pop. just my thoughts though....

  2. Looks great so far, but push the highlights for sure. Purple is a surprisingly hard color to make pop. However it is a very forgiving color to paint - not like red or yellow.

  3. I like it as it is to be honest, although a highlight would make it better

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