Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ultramarine Contemptor Octavius

+++ Incoming Priority Message
> Route to legion command barge 4782: Calth Polar Command CPCOM:
+++ Squad Octavius immediate XFIL. Calth:15SWC80817512:Wounded beyond Astartes capacity

> Attach med packet: NOOSPHERE comprimised. Data unreachable
+++ [OCTA1298234.MED]
> mars override:message redirect: Mecanicum Mageos Vernadsky
> Candidate for dreadnought implantation.
+++ Transmission end

Dreadnoughts are just so cool, and Contemptor dreads are just that much cooler! I really rushed painting this guy, but I was having so much fun I just went with it. This was the first time I used painters tape to add designs to a model. Overall I think it worked out ok. Once I add blue chipping over the white paint, and then chipping and battle damage over all I think I will have a winner. The base is bland, but when I put a squad of terminators around the model it just looks so cool.

*** SARCOPHAGUS: MIU interface complete
> State your name?
*** Octavius
> What are you?
*** Legionary of the 13th
> No. What are you?
*** Brother Sargent Octavius of squad Octavius
> No. What are you?
*** Why can't I see?
> Engage ocular sensors.
> What are you?
*** I am Calth's vengeance. I am death incarnate. Return me to battle.

Ok, so these little fictional passages are a bit goofy, but I am in total thrall of the Betrayal book from FW. The Horus Heresy books have been such a great place for inspiration as well. Death to Word Bearers! (sorry ADB--kudos on the awesome work though!)


  1. It doesn't look rushed. Those checks on the knee pad turned out nicely.

  2. Cutting the tape was harder than painting the thing. I sprayed the white areas first and then sealed them with gloss varnish. After that the tape went on and I painted the blue the way I normally do. I think the trick was using gloss over the white areas so the surface would be smooth enough for the tape to stick well. If I could reliably cut squares checks could become a goto theme for this UM force.

  3. I think it looks really great. I am really enjoying seeing your Ultras grow organically. They may not be the most competitive on the table, but the will certainly be the coolest models with an awesome paint job.

    Great job, Keep at it!!!!


  4. Great work!
    Wonder if it is freehand?

  5. I wish I could paint freehand well! The symbols are decals, and the white checks and stripes were painted using masking tape cut to appropriate shapes.

  6. Looks fantastic! Even when trying to use decals I can't make them come out right. Whatever "rushed" techniques you're using, keeping rushing it!

  7. Looking great! I like the white detailing you've added. What is this painters tape you've used? Have you got a link to where I can get some? Also like the fluff you wrote, your quite good it!

    ...and yeah Dreadnoughts are always awesome!

  8. The tape was just run of the mill blue painters tape left over from painting our kitchen. I bought a bunch of fancy model tape, but couldn't find it when I wanted to paint.

  9. Looks awesome, great job working with masking tape to do the designs you added as well. I really gotta try painting up a Contemptor dread, the design is so cool.

    Hey I have a question for you - you mentioned an ultrasonic cleaner on my blog, regarding stripping minis. What model do you have and where did you get yours?



  10. I bought mine on Amazon. The NEW Trent Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner CD-3800(A). I had to run the cleaner about a dozen times before all of the white primer was off. You can only run it in 480 second durations, but after a soak in simple green, the machine did all the hard work. (I also cleaned my wife's jewelry since it was a gift for her!) :)

  11. Not to steal your thread Drathmere, but harbor freight has a good ultrasonic cleaner pretty cheap also. BTW could you maybe do a tutorial on building and magnitizing a contemptor??

  12. ELLisW: one post back you can see one of my contemptors in a WIP state. You should be able to see where the magnets go. When I do another one, I'll take more photos and provide a better description. I'm sure there are loads of good ultrasonic cleaners out there! I encourage everyone who strips paint from resin minis to pick one up. Much like air brushes, I can't believe I waited this long to try one.