Friday, January 4, 2013

Telion & His Ride

Despite catching a horrible cold just before New Years, and having loads of time to paint, I've found that I really don't enjoy painting while sick. It must be something to do with the fact that I lick my brushes. Yep, brush licker here. I know it is gross, and I don't know where I picked up the habit, but I think I am going to try to cull it. We'll see how long that lasts.

I finally based sniper scout squad Telion. I am not as happy with my 25 mm bases as I am for the larger bases, but I had already cast them, and I wanted to experiment with powders directly on models. I added a soupy concoction of secret weapon green earth weathering power to the lower portions of the boots. When dry it was too thick, so I wet a brush and moved the powder around. That has to be one of the nice things about powder. Don't like it? Wipe it off.

After painting these guys up and basing them, I find myself thinking wishfully about the old metal scout models. These new-ish plastic ones are really iffy in terms of design, pose, and execution. The details are really soft which makes it less enjoyable to paint them. This scout heavy project has drilled into me that I really don't know how to paint cloth. Hopefully I'll learn some new skills as this progresses.

I just heard a buzz, which means the ultrasonic jewlery cleaner I bought my wife is don't cleaning off some MK III marines. (I know I know--horrible to buy a gift knowing it has a better more awesome usage for the gift giver)


  1. There is a large crease in your palm when you cup your hand a little - just under your pinky finger. Try shaping your brushes with that instead (spit still works best but at least you are just a hand licker then).

  2. hahahaha. I have done and will continue to do both the brush licking and the crease under the finger... more the licking though. I stick it in and pull it out and get little lashes of color on my lips.

    Scouts are looking good! I have a Storm I have yet to put together but love that model. someday...