Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Paint Fears

I write this from Colorado, where I have been skiing in the continental divide. While traversing double blacks and bowls, I find myself worried about paint. I should be worried about cliff or rocks or other things suggested by the extreme terrain markers, but instead I am worried that all the effort I have put into learning the specific properties of gw paints is for nought. Despite this, I embrace the change. The whole new paint line seems designed to make beautiful results achievable by anyone. This is a good thing. I believe the new recipe book and paints are going to improve the quality of the models we see, which is great for the hobby. Several of the blogs I read have already tentatively endorsed the change made by gw. I think if we were to take off our jaded glasses and approach painting with new eyes, we'd probably be really excited. I think the loss of hard won paint knowledge is just a fear we will all have to get over. I for one, am really excited about the dry brush paint. Fear is the mind killer.


  1. I too am a bit worried, but I think it will be for the better in the end.
    I find myself wondering if I should buy one or two more of a specific color before it gets too hard to find so I can finish the few things I've started.
    The increase in colors is something I'm kind of excited about even though I don't have many GW colors to begin with.

    Ron, FTW

  2. I was worried myself about the new paint line.
    Big changes are always a bit worrying.
    But I've also grown to realize to embrace the change.
    Yeah I've been so used to the current line but a nice big change like this will only help improve the hobby.

  3. I echo both what Kevin and Ron have said though my main concern is getting enough of the old paints to finish my current army. Thinking about it also means limiting what I'll be able to add in the future.
    On the whole though I think that this can only be a good thing. I can liken my feelings now to how I felt about Finecast and I can now say that (personally at least) that change worked out fine.
    I think aswell that the skills of alot of painters have outgrown the old range. How many times in GW painting guides are we asked to mix paints or make a glaze? Seeing the ever growing number of new painters painting awesome armies online just reaffirms it for me.

  4. I did the exact same thing yesterday Snake!
    Went to my FLGS and just bought as many old paints as I could.
    I heard White Dwarf will have a chart to help with the transition which'll be nice.

  5. Having used the new paints, I can tell you all that they are excellent. You'll need to figure out your consistencies again when thinning, but otherwise they are top notch.
    As for the conversion chart; it's already online:

  6. Awesome!
    Thanks Somewhatdamaged for the link.
    That'll definitely help.

  7. Ok, I am back from Skiing, and recovering from a very late flight. I am going to head over to the GW Springfield store and see what I can learn. I really need to try these new paints. I'll post what I find out here.