Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cassius Assault Ram Nearing Completion

 I made a lot of progress on the 2nd original predator and rhino, but those will have to wait till the lighting improves in my office/painting den. On the other hand, the Cassius is so large that I have a hard time getting photos of it under any lighting conditions, so may I present the C.A.R. #1 of the Ultramarines!

Despite all kinds of build problems, I have been having an immensely good time painting this guy. I know I said I was going to add some 4th company green to it, but that may have to wait. I am not going to dust the RAM like I did the tanks, since this thing would be far away from dust, but what about weathering?  Are RAMS's one use kind of things? I love the chipped metal effect on the tanks, so I am eager to do it to this guy, but would a CAR ever be reused, I mean this thing crashes into starships and titans as its SOP.


  1. From what I understand, the CAR is a reusable vehicle, capable of making hundreds (if not thousands) of assaults. So, scoring up the hull would be a good thing to represent one in the middle of a campaign.


  2. That is one sweet looking transport !

  3. Great work. The blue is perfect.

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