Friday, July 30, 2010

Just A Flocking Rant

I just washed off a failed flocking attempt on my Realm of Battle board. I don't know what mojo you master flockers out there have, but if you have some advice please share. Luckily the section I flocked up washed off easily without loosing any of the paint. Now I have a huge mess on my hands with nothing to show for it. grrrrrrrrr!

This is a flocking disaster!

Realm of Battle Board 1
Drathmere 0


  1. I think the key is patience and the right amount of glue.

  2. When I flock terrain I use a 70/30 mix of PVA glue/water. It has always worked well for me. You do have to work in small areas at a time though.

  3. bsmoove over at A Gentleman's Ones had major flocking issues with the RoBB too. He might be good to contact, though his advice might be just "don't flock it".

  4. What worked for me:
    -Don't water down your glue at all.
    -Spray with clear matte acrylic sealer after it dries.

    I'm still not done with my board, but you can find a WIP photo here:

  5. Tips for flocking the RoBG

    1. Go in small sections
    2. Water down your PVA glue 1:1
    3. Use a mesh strainer to laydown the flock. It will give an even spread and prevent clumps from making their way onto the board.