Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Day For Storm Wardens! MD battle bunker

I am heading to the MD battle bunker today to drop off the LR I painted for the charity drawing. If anyone is up for a quick game let me know. You've got a few more hours left to make your donation and potentially win this fabulous army. I may even bring a Dark Angel's army to throw some dice down with.

The Wardinians have been getting all gushy about the end of this journey, but I think there is good reason for it. Usually bloggers swap little blurbs of discussion, and while there is community, it is very casual. Getting together with a group to achieve some goal (in this case helping Doctors Without Borders) forms a community bond that I am sure everyone who has been helping get the word out is feeling as well. I want to meet everyone who participated in this. I've followed many of their blogs for a long time, actively engaging in the hobby is how friends are made. John and Mike started something really special here, that I have never seen done before on this scale.

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