Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tutorial: Casting Your Own Resin Bases

A while back I created some press molds to make some green stuff bases for my Blood Angels/Grey Knights armies. Since then I have walked the way of resin! While prepping the images for this post, I cast 25 resin trench bases. The coolest part about this process is that it is dirt simple. I can completely re-theme an army by creating cool new bases, and then mass producing them. The bases you see here are for my Death Korps of Krieg army.

You should go online and buy the starter kit from Alumilite. it now.


  1. Interesting tutorial. You've given me an idea...

  2. That's very, very convincing.
    Couple quick questions:

    1.) did you seal your original bases with black primer?
    2.)how much product did you buy (and which ones)
    3.) how much did it cost?

  3. I bought the starter kit. I think it was 70 bucks or so, but I don't remember. The bases were primed with black primer as added fixative for the sand.

    I spent most of the resin making buildings(ahem...ruined cathedral), but for bases it takes very little. I have about 55-60 bases now, and am ready to sculpt some more serious designs. The gallon jugs are the way to go once you get the hang of it. I have the GW battle bunker for teaching me to make bases.

    This stuff is awesome. I think I could rebase my entire collection in a a weekend.

  4. great tutorial! you make it look way too easy... The alumilite starter kit has been added to the wish list!

  5. It really is that easy! I hope we can spread the news. Basing is easy!

  6. A heads up on the Alumilite starter kit at a discount. If you have a Hobbylobby craft store around they carry the alumilite kits, silicon and resin and have a 40% off coupon you can print off of their website a couple times a month.

  7. While the resin is still wet you can drop in a small washer to provide a bit of weight and something for magnets to grab on to.

  8. would you be able to confirm to me that you bought this starter kit just want to make sure