Saturday, March 20, 2010

Valdor Tank Hunter

After all of that prep work on the resin, the valdor was ready to paint. I learned an important lesson last night. Stop being stubborn. Rather than keep putting foundation paints in my airbrush and having to deal with paint clogs every few minutes, I just picked up a different brand of paint and tossed it in. Granted the tank does not match my previous units at all, but I think a few Death Corps of Kreig insignia and it would fit right in. Resin is such a paint to build, but such a joy to paint. As usual there will be an abundance of posts as I slowly weather this tank up.


  1. The color choice looks fantastic. What did you go with in the end?
    Great posts.

  2. I love the shading you've got on that tank, I really need to get into airbrushing.

  3. I.... can't stop staring at it....