Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hydra Pt1

The Valdor tank hunter's tracks bewilder me, so I decided to give the Hydra a shot. It turns out the hydra does not fit together very well, so there is a full 1/2 inch gap on the bottom of the tank. It took me over an hour to come up with a compromise that made it kind of fit together. the top hatch simply is not wide enough, and appears to be too long as well. The one thing that did work out is the magnetizing of the autocannons. I might build a missile rig so I can field a manticore using the same chassis.

So my basic tank recipe for is:
  • foundation ilyaden yellow
  • foundation gretchin green
  • dev mud bath (this is where I am right now)
  • deheneb stone dry-brush
Should the Valdor follow the same recipe? Is the fact that it is supposed to be a dark age relic enough to give me reason to paint it light blue and grey. I am undecided about this. My force has all kinds of troops, but the tanks have so far been consistent.


  1. Excellent. Your simple technique yields some bery nice results.

  2. Forgive my Imperial Guard ignorance, but is the Hydra tank body a GW Chimera or is the whole model from FW?

  3. The Hydra is a Chimera body, but with a forgeworld top and back that extend it out a bit. The turret appears to be the same as the manticore.