Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rant:White Primer

So I had a brief spin back to cleveland, and am not back in Cambridge. Last night my wife helped me prime a bunch of AoBR marines to use as a test for my new color scheme. I hate white primer. One more time.

I hate white primer.

What is it with this stuff. Half of the time it produces white rough dust all over the miniatures. I took an old brush and 'sanded' the worst of the power off, and will probably paint these up anyway. The question I have is why I am able to flawlessly prime with black every single time, but that white primer is a crap shoot I usually loose. I will post photos as I paint up the marines.

rant off.


  1. If you're getting a rough finish on your miniatures you're not spraying from the right distance. Experiment with it. Chances are you're spraying from too far and the paint is drying and flaking in the air before it falls on the figure. Try controlled short bursts from slightly closer.

    I swear by white undercoat. I really can't see the figure's details when I use black undercoats..

  2. I'm with tahrikmili on white primer. I prefer it, especially for smaller figurers.
    I've also had problem with black and grey primers dusting, and am pretty sure it is the distance from the models that makes it dust.

  3. So do you guys just strip the mini when dusting happens? I tried to brush off the worst of the dust, but on some things it looks really bad. I'll post some new shots of the test mini soon. The bolter looks like it was dipped in sand!

  4. It is in fact a distance issue. I've had it happen with every colour. Priming is a teqnique that needs perfecting.

    You can get rid of the 'dusting' by either taking an old tooth brush to the model or a very fine grit sand paper.

  5. Use gesso as primer. Spraypainting miniatures is IMO too risky and completely unnecessary.