Friday, August 28, 2009

Angels Tempest

I painted up two more of the AoBR marines this afternoon. I am still fighting with the primer and the color scheme. The white dusting is really visible on the images, but not so bad when viewed at tabletop distance. I am really unsure of the color scheme. I think I need to desaturate everything and produce clean looking rather than dirty looking models. I miss the days of GW inks!

I wish I had basing materials here, but no such luck. Since I've got time on my hands, it would be a good time to finally experiment with snow and water basing.

My original intent was to paint up a small 750 pt force and get some games in at Pandemoniam games here in Cambridge, but I think I might just have to ease up on that goal. I might just try to paint one full squad. I will be like the random 'Other Marines' that show up supporting my blood angles or something.


  1. I really like the color choices here. Many people are unable to find a unifying color scheme with such a broad palette, but you've done a great job. That's the good part of my post :D

    The bad part is that it's still a lot of colors! Paiting an entire army this way may be daunting, so I would recommend cutting one of the colors out of your current scheme.

    Looking forward to more no matter what you decide!

  2. I was thinking of taking a break and painting a few space wolves just for fun and to spice things up a bit. However a unit of three is just not enough to do anything with, so I'll have to buckle down and paint some more. I think I only need two squads of tacticals, so it might not be so bad. I am very bad a building lists, but I was thinking something like:

    x2 10 man tactical
    x1 5 man sternguard
    x1 5 man terminator squad
    x1 captain on foot
    x1 librarian or some other character I can build from bits