Friday, August 21, 2009

Iron Scythes

My first space marine chapter is the the Iron Scythes, or Ferum Falux Chapter. The Angels Tempest outline is very similar, but I love the detail. After painting blood angels for a while, I am ready for more complex painting again. I am not sure the Angels Tempest are different enough. My technique has changed quite a bit since I started the Iron Scythes more than a decade ago with the RT plastics. I used to paint directly out of the pot. Recently I have been watering down my paints quite a bit, or using an acrylic thinner. I like the way detail is kept with the new style, though colors are not as vivid.

Painting Iron Scythes In Powered Armor: (terminators are different)
  1. Prime Black
  2. heavy drybrush rust colored red (some old Ral Partha paint) over the whole body.
  3. Add white to the rust color which turns a little pink. It is important to drybrush this very lightly
  4. Paint the tops of the feet the shoulder pads and the backpacks with dark brown.
  5. Paint elbows, knee pads and should trim in golden yellow.

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