Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bolt Action Panther WIP 1

I've had this resin Panther G sitting in my drawer for a long time, and figured it was time. Unlike most of Bolt Action forces, I wanted to weather this guy with paint chipping solution. So after carefully spraying on a whole lot of variable rust colors,  I sprayed on three heavy coats of Mig absolute chipping. However, when it came time to chip the top layer of paint away I couldn't get it to work. I don't know what caused the paint to become un-chippable, but after using this same solution on both Death Guard vehicles, I was pretty confident in my technique. What you see on the model here is chipping done by hand. It is no where near as interesting as that which is caused naturally, but I can't leave the tank un-chipped.

I haven't decided if I want to add some kind of camouflage to the Panther, or if I should just heavily weather this guy. I was thinking about using a green squiggly pattern, or potentially hard edged green camo. A hard edge would allow me to try paint chipping solution again. That is somewhat desirable, but I wonder what it would look like to have both chipping effects side by side.


  1. I haven't used the MIG before but the AK and Val never gives me an troubles. Stinks it didn't work. Looking good either way. 8)

    1. I normally use AK, or Ammo (also formally Mig). I figured this older bottle would work. I'm going to use the colored dot technique as spot filters later today. It should be interesting to see how that turns out.

  2. Still looks good though...I look forward to seeing the finished article.

  3. Humm, how vexing. I've had the salt-and-hairspray method not work, but suspect that it was down to me leaving it too long...

  4. My experiments with AK heavy chipping fluid were total failures but I suspect that was just me

  5. I haven't used the MIG before but the AK and Val never gives me an troubles. Stinks it didn't work.