Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3D Printed Terrain Painted

I've been printing out loads of terrain on my 3D printer, but this is my first finished piece. This building represents a French town hall typically found in Normandy and will be used in our WW2 club games. I wasn't sure how well the print would take paint, so I painted this fast and loose using a giant brush and very little care. This was completed in about two hours. For a piece costing around fifty cents of material, I think it works pretty well. I did have to sand the raw print and fill in some holes using green stuff.

I guess the question now is whether this terrain is good enough for a board, or if I should go back to buying resin pieces? I like this more than MDF buildings, but maybe I should experiment with some kind of hybrid MDF+FFF.


  1. That is just so awesome John. It's perfect for the board.

    If you aren't sure, take a shot of it on the board and see how it looks!

    1. I plan to do that, it I have to move all the printing stuff to be able to setup the board! Maybe we can do a death Korps versus orks on a Normandy board.

  2. Looks flippin' marvelous and befitting of a space on the Wargames Table!

  3. Gorgeous! I've always been of the opinion that terrain can be a step down in fidelity and still look great. After all the focus of the game table ought to be the miniatures, you don't necessarily want to overshadow them with the terrain!

    That said, your printed terrain is what I'd consider a step UP in fidelity from what I'm used to seeing and honestly I think it looks fantastic. Awesome stuff, man!

  4. Yes, yes this terrain IS good enough for the board! I'd love to play on a board like this!

  5. Looks very good and will suit many a table.

  6. At least from here it looks perfectly suited for the board... probably up close you would see the various striations a bit more, so that might matter for shots of miniatures against it.

  7. I am very interested in getting into 3d printing for exactly this reason. What kind of 3d printer did you use to print out that building? Where do you get files to print buildings? Are there any online resources about 3d printing for the absolute beginner that you can recommend? Lastly, I love how that building turned out!