Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ogre Bust WIP

This Ogre bust was a gift from Roman Lappat, whom you might know as Jarhead from Massive Voodoo. My wife and I were traveling through Germany and stopped by to hang out and get some lunch with Roman and Eric. To my surprise, he provided a resin cast of one of his sculpts. With my hobby mojo low, this model sat on my desk for a few months. After cleaning my desk (ok..mostly) I needed some zen time, and set to work on it. I had forgotten how peaceful painting is. I really enjoyed playing with the flesh tones, but my focus was on the ogres eyes. I want this guy to look human. As you can tell the brown areas are not painted yet, and there is additional l work to do on the ogres scars, on his runny nose. I'm tempted to paint him as if he were crying, using gloss paint to make the tear marks. I think those could work well with the inevitable blood splashes. Maybe this ogre regrets killing but can't stop. There is definitely a sadness to the sculpt that I enjoy.


  1. Eyes are looking stellar John. Glad you are working in busts!

    1. I'm glad you like it. I took a long time off from painting, so this is the model jump starting things again. I should post the update. The face is further defined now.

    2. I hear you. I just finished building a death guard army. Time to get out the brushes!