Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Emperor's Children Loyalist Rhino

The havoc launcher is not complete, but enough of the tank is weathered and rain streaked that it was time for a progress shot. Well into painting I was surprised by some GW purity seal frosting the model. The entire top section turned white! A quick coat of gloss varnish restored the color, and then matte removed the gloss. I think this model has more varnish on it than paint!

I hope I managed to bring some realism to what is a purple tank for giant post-human warriors firm in the belief that visibility play no role on the battlefield.


  1. I dig it! I think that looks perfect for a great crusade era/loyalist EC color scheme. The weathering definitely makes it work.

    Good stuff, man!

  2. I like the color scheme but one thing I'm not digging is the application of weathering powders to the top of the tank. Just a personal preference I suppose. Everything else looks spot on.

  3. I'm thinking a little more streaking, John. Nice choice for the powder color.


  4. The purple looks better now - more in line with your SOH. Maybe on the next one try using a more grayish purple or mixing some grey into the purple to knock it back a bit in terms of saturation if you still aren't happy with it.

  5. I am not happy with the weathering powder on the roof either. I was not expecting it to stain nearly as much as it did. I like the color of the powder though, it is green earth, from Secret Weapon Miniatures. More streaking would have helped as well. Streaking the white was pretty difficult for me. I had to keep going back over the model cleaning up the edges. Eventually whole sections of paint just pulled up under the brush. Those areas were fortunately low enough to be covered by dust.

  6. Lovely painting as usual. Only issue for me is the contrast between the purple exterior and interior white/cream. It's just a personal thing for me so don't take it as a criticism. Well done on painting a difficult colour :)