Friday, February 14, 2014

Emperor's Children Rhino Paint Test

My Sons of Horus army was originally just intended to be an ally force for the Emperors Children force I have been preparing. As such it is time to finally paint some more Emperor's Children. As is standard for me these days (and I highly recommend it for everyone!) I picked up some spare parts and painted a test piece. I had a couple of goals:

  • Figure out if I can remember the paint scheme (Royal Purple, and Violet Red tried here)
  • See how AK Interactive dark brown oil wash and streaking grime would look.
  • Try out sponge weathering to see if it would improve both armies
  • See if Steel Legion Drab paint and Green Earth weathering powders would unify the model.

I am on the fence about this. I've been watching a bunch of Mig Jimenez videos and reading his books and I think I might be falling back on well known techniques rather than really pushing my painting.

There are a few things that would be different on a real and not test piece. The insets would likely be painted in the white-grey color on my SoH pieces, and there would be gold detailing as befits a vehicle from the Emperor's Children. The while would help show off the weathering, and the gold would provide the purple<->yellow contrast providing visual interest. 


  1. I dig it! The white insets and some gold filigree will totally sell it. Good stuff, man!

  2. weathering looks good - a bit too heavy in the big gaps in front and behind the smoke stacks

  3. Don't second guess yourself that looks great. Remember this an army project, you can push your skills on center piece minis :)

  4. I see a secret weapon logo behind that rhino flank.
    Do you use their washes? How do you like them?
    I've tried 'dried blood' and it is quite glossy.
    Anyhow, great work here, as always. I'm taken abck by the rapidity and the quality altogether.

    1. I use the cement wash, and love it, regularly, but have not used the others.