Monday, February 24, 2014

Castellex Battle-Automata Based

The Battle-Automata is complete! I was worried about the amount of weathering initially, but after I added highlighting, pigments, and dust, I think it turned out great. This was definitely a case of the model looking better completed, than in process. I have 6 thallax and one Castellex of my own to build, but I think I will wait a while. The new Imperial Knights look fantastic, and since they exist pre-heresy, I think they will look spectacular alongside my Sons of Horus. At the moment I think a black and white heavily weathered force will look the best. My troops are EC purple, and SoH mint, so those colors will fit nicely. Knight houses aligned with  the Deaths Head Titan Legion will provide a little bit of traitor flavor to the force.

Hopefully this will convince my friend to start a heresy era force. Using this robot just for Malifaux would be a crime!

*edit just added fresh oil to all of the hydraulics and pistons. It makes a huge difference!


  1. Good job. I love the poster on the base.

  2. Brilliant painting, I think the battle damage is very well painted. I love how the base is made.