Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thunderfire Complete

The thunderfire cannon is complete. I am looking forward to using this in a game just to see what it can do. I've never seen one of these fielded, or even painted in person. That leads me to my next never seen unit. I think I need to paint up a whirlwind. I had one painted years ago for my BA, but a bath in simple green and the tank is ready to wear new colors.

Sorry for not using the Photo Booth for these shots. I wanted to paint, not setup the contraption. I think I need a dedicated space where the booth can just sit, otherwise I will just keep ignoring it.


  1. Nice stuff. It's definitely hard to keep up with the photos. I usually get mine out when I need a break from painting or I have a whole bunch of minis to shoot. I have a 2'x2' folding cube for bigger mins and squads, but then I have a smaller 1'x1' folding cube for single minis that is much easier to set up anywhere/anytime.

  2. Your Ultras have really come far!
    Everything looks great.
    Have to say I love how you painted your blue.

  3. Was that Finecast? I just bought 2 and both are of questionable quality. Very crisp detail work on yours.

  4. yep. my thunderfire is finecast as well. I heard horror stories about the metal one.