Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rehabbing Old Minis and Bases

I have a lot of miniatures. This is great. This is not a problem. I do not have a lot of space for my minis. This has become one. For some time I have had a load of older armies on display in my office that really are not up to my current painting or basing standard. They are nostalgic, but they also offer a sort of in-house store, where I grab minis I want to re-paint and give them the simple green treatment. Recently I've been painting a boat load of ultramarines.  Now that I have a legal army, my ultras have graduated to the display cabinets. Enter ultras, exit guard. While packing up my Imperial guard for storage, I couldn't resist pulling a few minis to keep in my cabinets. These are my favorites. I don't know why, since I have painted much better models than these, but for some reason these keep my attention. The problem was the bases.

1) Mix a couple of scoops of secret weapon green earth weathering powder with water, and thinner.
2) flood each old style base with the new mixture.
3) Add forgeworld rust to all of the pipes, debris, and even any old spot that could use some color
4) Rim base with black.
5) Wonder if I should give my whole guard army this treatment. (the dread base was a test!)

So now I have to make room for a tiny guard contingent. Exit tau.

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  1. That really has done the trick! These may not be your best models but I love that Macharius model. I'm glad they still earn their a place in he cabinet.