Monday, April 16, 2012

LR Proteus Base Coating Done!

My Proteus is finally base coated. The next step is to adde the transfers, perform the paint chipping,  and then add the dust up the lower half of the tank so it matches my other Ultramarines vehicles. I am going to attach the tracks last, so I can dust the tank, and then weather the tracks using weathering powders. This is a great kit, though it is very fragile.

Inexplicably I used the new GW paints to finish off the tank, and I think parts painted with them look worse than with the parts I painted with the original paint set. I'm not going to let that detract from my enjoyment of the kit though. I think it will all tie together with the weathering. I have been waiting months to get to the fun final steps, so maybe I'll save them for tomorrow. Why rush at this point right?


  1. Very, very cool! Love how the tracks are looking, and the blue turned out fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the weathering!