Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bases Cast & Cassius Assault Ram WIP

I don't know about other peoples experiences, but my Cassius Assault Ram has been a complete pain to build. I am having all kinds of problems, from what should be an absolutely trivial build. I mean, the thing is a box right? That aside, I thought I should post up some photos of the interior of the Assault Ram. I love what FW has done with this kit's interior even it it will never be seen once put together. In order to help theme the army together, I used graveyard earth + bone white over black to shade the inside. Those same colors are used on my bases, just applied differently. Hopefully the common colors will gel the whole force since I am using a variety of models of slightly different scale due to the age of some of my kits.

I am really happy with how my bases are coming along. They are easy to mass produce, easy to paint, and should be fun to load up with detail. I am going to be painting a lot of bikes for this army, so I am thrilled with how the bike bases came out. I wish the detail was not going to be mostly hidden.

Hopefully tonight I will be able to get the cassius sanded and ready for paint. I have the ram, the proteus, an original rhino, and a metal predator in the queue. I have a contemptor cleaned and ready for magnets, but I am really itching to do some painting rather than just resin clean up.


  1. Sorry to hear the Ram is giving you so much trouble. The bases look amazing though!

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks for the kudos! I am really happy with the bases, especially since I can pump out unlimited quantities of them.

    The Ram just does not make sense to me. I can't believe such a simple model is causing me so much trouble, and necessitating so much green stuff!

  3. Hi,

    Was just checking out some items on ebay and found my way here, although it looks like your ram is assembled now a good way to make the parts fit together is to use a hairdryer. Will soften up the resin for you to "reshape" this was a tip my friend told me when he was constructing his thunderhawk.

    Good luck


  4. Hi. I love those bases. I'd love to buy a bunch of casts off you, if you're willing to 1. part with them and 2. ship to Sweden. Interested?