Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Triarch Praetorians WIP

I decided to go with Triarch with war scythes.  I like the way the shaded blue power weapon portions stand out against the green. Unfortunately I forgot to paint the other side of the weapons when I was batch painting the lychguard, so I have to go back and do that before I can complete the staff. When I was painting the death marks and was doing the red eye/sensor thing, I went ahead and painted the red sensor on these guys as well.  These guys were almost painted by mistake. It was like the excess painting from other units spilled over and I realized that I had nearly completed a unit without thinking about it.

The 40k question. Will I field these? Eh, maybe. I've been knocking around the following list idea for a 2k list.  I am thinking primarily NOVA format. Basically I want to hold two or three objectives, and let my arks contest of they survive to do so.

  • Overlord WS orb  //middle objective
  • cryptic tremor staff //middle objective
  • cryptic tremorstaff //objective 2
  • cryptic tremorstaff //objective 2
  • cryptic meltastaff //objective 2
  • cryptic meltastaff //objective 1
  • lord WS orb //objective 1

  • 4 9 man necron squads
  • 4 ghost arks //one at objective 1, one at objective 2, one at the middle objective, one floater
  • 2 10 base scarabs //one at objective 1, one goes for the middle objective
  • 1 3 base scarabs //hangs out near least threatened objective according to setup
  • 1 spyder gloom //grey knight defense objective 1 limited scarab regen
  • 1 spyder gloom //grey knight defense objective 2 limited scarab regen
  • C'tan with writhing world scape hangs out near most threatened base for late game suicide attack

There are three objectives that the nova open focuses on, objectives, table quarters, and kill points.  They get swapped around depending on the mission, but an army needs to do well in all three to succeed. I believe if I can slow game time down, and make it difficult for the enemy to get to me, I can contest 2 of the remaining three objectives late game using my arks. Eventually my opponent will get to me, which is where a load firepower should help. I think I just need to avoid early assault to give myself time to shoot. The scarabs and the C'Tan function as suicide troops if my world shaking difficult terrain does not work. Gloom Spyders provide anti-grey knight defense, with scarabs as a carpet moving forward providing distance threat.

just an idea....


  1. I'm loving the look of them with the different colours to the standard metallics

    What colour green are you using on them?

  2. Thanks!

    Over a black base coat, I am using Reaper Master Series Highlands Moss, followed by Pale Lichen. For some of the models, I then take pale lichen and do a 50/50 with space wolves grey to tone it down for extreme highlighting.

  3. You are absolutely ripping through this army. So jealous. They look fantastic.

  4. I can't help you on the gaming front but can you tell us about your process? I just bought an airbrush myself and I've used it for tanks, but I am curious as to how people are using them for infantry models.

    As Brian said, you are ripping through these. I've never seen an army get painted so quickly.

    By the way, I will be at Dream Wizards most Wednesday nights from here on out. Last night, we had a good group of people out, very little 40k in sight though. I was playing Infinity, some other guys Warmahordes...but if you'd like, I'd love to bring my Tau boys out against your death heads...

  5. OMG... You can get stuff finished SOoo fast. It looks super amazing too.

  6. Oh yeaah!H !!! amazing armyyy !

    love the weapons and the armour on this pretorians !

  7. Nice work. You are moving fast with these guys but are still managing to keep the standard up. Impressive.

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