Friday, December 9, 2011

Going To NOVA 2012

So last year I had a great time at the NOVA open, it allowed me to play all eight of the games of 40k that I had played that year. I had a great time. The people I met are great, the games were fun, the room was stinky, and the hurricane and rain provided a sort of gamer car wash when lunchtime came around.  So obviously I signed up for the NOVA for next year, but I haven't played any games since the last NOVA.


Yep, I played all of my games last year at a single tournament over the course of 2 days. I need to play this game more often. Tim over at The Tau of War who predictably a beautiful tau army, suggested a place called Dream Wizards in Maryland wednesday nights. I'm not sure if I can get there from Capitol Hill during the week, but if they do gaming on the weekend..... Challenge Accepted. My Tau versus your Tau. (Tau are the coolest army after all) ;)


  1. Hey Drath!

    Glad to hear you are returning! I will actually be on staff as a floor attendant and hopefully, paint-judge, this year at the NOVA open. The schedule is a bit different this year so check it out on Whiskey.

    I am sorry to say that weekends, I must reserve for family. I've got a little one year old who is too cute to spend time away from on the weekends. Wednesday are my default gaming night...Capitol Hill, eh? You're lucky to find a place large enough to accommodate a man-cave!

  2. You better believe I want a rematch! ;)

  3. Hi Drathmere,
    While wed are our main night, the Beltway Gamers group that is basically all the crowd at Dream Wizards, has a ton of people looking for weekend games. Many of them can even host at their home. Aside from that, we have a team tourney in January coming up. Details can be found here. . While you may not see tim, you can meet some other DC/MD/VA gamers.