Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After all those BA, a throwback mini!

I've painted so many BA,GK, tanks for Heros of Armageddon despite loads of travel that I wanted to relax and paint something different. What better to paint than a 1990's Imperial Psyker. I was given this mini at one of the barter days at the local GW, and am really thrilled to have it. I've wanted to paint one of them for a long time, and am really looking forward to making this guy part of my Inquisitors retinue. I mean, so long as I have two monkeys,several deamonhosts, and a couple of servitors why not have a vaguely genestealer-magas-cult-like mini?


  1. he definitely looks genestealer magus cult-y.
    never seen it before - nice mini

  2. When the new Guard codex came out I used my old genestealer hybrids as a psyker battle squad and an old Hybrid special character conversion from Citadel Journal as my Primaris.