Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Made Resin Bases

I finished and based my dark angels terminator chaplain, and then followed him up with another squad of deathwing terminators. The problem was that I was out of bases. Normally I make a load of bases ahead of time, and then have them ready for miniatures as I finish them. This time I decided to create resin molds of ruined space marine equipment. These bases will find dual use on my Astral Claws chapter, which is why some of them are desert brown. The deathwing bases I paint dark, with loads of rust.

Custom bases are just too cool!


  1. where do you buy your resin casting supplies, I would like to do this so I dont have to keep buying custom bases...

  2. I get my resin and Silicone for mould making here:

    Though i'm based in the UK as are is this company, i believe they do international orders! Been getting stuff off them for about a year now.

  3. Since I am in the US, I buy from Alumite( They are a great company, and I kind of dig the whole midwest vibe!

  4. awsome man! one day i will try and get all the stuff to make my own bases but that is on hold for now. dont have the money for it >_<