Friday, June 25, 2021

Basing With Dirt


Sometimes the laziest method works surprisingly well. After completing most of my Praetorians, I turned my attention to basing them. I had initially planned on making new scenic bases and casting them. I even started the process of doing that. Then inspiration struck. I live in a desert. My guard live in a desert. Let's just crab some dirt from outside and super glue it down. I'm surprised by how much I like it. The test base looks pretty good to my eyes. I think I'll add more rubble and junk to the bases, but with just a few tufts only these work. Here's to effortless basing!


  1. The bases look very good to my eye.

  2. Natural bases are king, hard to replicate the colour variation with paints. Looking good.

  3. All my bases have always been especially curated dirt from the locality (ie with shavings and plastic clippings all scrapped into the pot when they collect in large enough quantities.

    Mine tend to be put on with PVA (I think you guys call it Elmo's or something) and the occasional smear of filler.

    Which means I then rely on the spray can under and base coats (and eventual varnish if I remember) to keep the bases intact.