Sunday, April 5, 2020

Craftworld Mymerar Fire Prism: Or How I Learned to Love Painting Gems

There are so many gems on these models. At least I thin I have my final gem cocktail recipe done. I can now paint these relatively quickly, which is a vast improvement in the earlier gems. So, do I go back and repainted all the previous ones.....Hell no! Embrace change.


  1. Change is good for you... I never repaint a model as each of them are a testament to my improvement or lack there of. Just move on to the next model. This off course works best if you are only painting single models and not armies...

    But they are looking good, so keep it up and stay safe.

  2. That came out fantastic, congrats!

    1. I am just as surprised as anyone else! Thank you very much. I only have 1 billion more gems to paint..... :)

  3. looking froward to you modelling an empty gem socket on something soon....