Thursday, October 3, 2019

Lord Solar Macharius In Front of a Macharius

 After 11 hours of driving, I returned home and needed something to help me relax. I selected an ancient GW model of the Solar Macharius and painted casually. My goal was to make this effortless. I just randomly attacked the model with very little concern for quality. I enjoyed every minute. While the model isn't painted to a very high standard, I'm still really happy with it. It is a slightly awkward pose, but I think it worked out. Much like the tank behind him, sometimes I just paint for the act of painting and not for the end product.


  1. I really like that painting philosophy (although Macharius seems like a very rare/expensive model to use it on!) and I'm going to try it out, probably with some scenery.

    Regardless of that this is still the best looking Macharius I've ever seen. It's like your painting has made the model look better quality (compared to modern models). I actually found this because I was looking up Macharius conversions as I don't like the sculpting of this model - but now I've seen this I know it's possible to make the old model look good, so I'm going to pursue getting hold of one.

    Not that I think I can do it this kind of justice - but the matte black & purple colour scheme is exactly what I'm going for on my Inquisition army anyway (Mainly Inquisitors, Acolytes, Imperial Agents & Rogue Traders with Imperial Guard as an Inquisitional private military. And Grey Knights, Deathwatch, Sisters & very far in the future maybe Custodes too. All tied together with a black & purple colour scheme (with the Grey Knights still primarily grey & Deathwatch still primarily black).

    Also this is exactly what I planned to do with the pose. Pointing the bolter forward brings it front & centre and it's just not that nicely sculpted & very slightly too big, at least to look comfortable walking forward with. I don't think it looks odd at all.

    I would REALLY appreciate a rough breakdown of the painting process, at least just an understanding of how you got it to look more detailed than the actual model and everything to so crisply pop out.

    Thanks so much for these photos. I'm going to be downloading copies of these to use for reference.
    - Phil

    1. Phil, I'm afraid I don't recall much about the painting process, only that I wanted to move away from the all gold look. I'm glad you like this retro dude. I just finished painting an entire praetorian guard army where I had to use paint to cover up oddities with the old sculpts. I'm really happy with how they turned out. It has me thinking about all the old metal guard models.