Thursday, May 9, 2019

DKoK Quartermaster WIP

I've had these models sitting in their little Forgeworld baggie for years. Now or never!

The first step was laying down all of the base colors. I've added some shading, but realized that I missed a lot of little details. These guys are really small. Even smaller than in the photos, so they are eye strain inducing! That said, I love the little diorama that these guys produce. The guardsman pleading before the quartermaster to avoid summary execution. I have no idea what this squad does in game. Anyone know what they do in this edition?


  1. Looking good man.. They have a real creepy vibe about them. Nooice..

  2. Awesome! That was always a great little vignette. I don't know that there is an equivalent unit entry these days, but I'm rather out of the loop...

    1. I’m tempted to base these as a diorama rather than individually. They look really cool posed together. I was going to finish these on HH, but being sick ATM meant I ran out of steam earlier than normal.

  3. first: they look really nice already!
    second: you asked what they do in current edtion. this is basically a unit of field medics, they all hit non vehicle units witht heir scalpels on 2+ and have a 6 inches bubble for own infantry to ignore wounds on 6+

  4. They hit on an 2 or better? These guys are an elite combat team!

  5. I believe it's that they *wound* infantry on a 2+ because they stick them with poisons or whatnot, not hitting on a 2+.

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