Saturday, December 8, 2018

Experimenting With Washable White Winter Camo

I'm in the process of painting a winter war german force, and figured it was time to experiment with Mig's washable white camo. I decided to grab an old panther from the shelf and test it out. After a few minutes scrubbing the white off with a wet brush, here is the result. I'm not sure about it. It doesn't resonate with me. Do I need to remove more of the white? Where am I going wrong?

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  1. Hi John! Well I guess it’s a matter of practice. I feel like you’ve removed too much white, making it too translucent. Maybe appearing too much like real snow would-be (i.e. melted around the engine), while it is of course paint. So it would always behave like paint with chipping and such, and the fading as an extra. And it does get dirty too, so adding weathering will help define the shapes again.