Friday, June 1, 2018

Warlord Titan: Paint Chipping + Torso Weapons

I might take a pass at highlighting the under side of each paint chip. There are just too many to make that enjoyable. Despite that, I am really enjoying all the minor progress being made. I imagine that most people wouldn't recognize the changes if I showed before and after pictures, but I know what is being accomplished, and there is satisfaction in that. I just wish it were easier to see the titan crew and cockpit. I put a lot of work into something that will never be seen.

The fist is now paint chipped, and ready for knuckle lettering, and the top guns are mostly complete. (some paint sloughed off due to resin issues..that will be a pain) Once I have the two shields painted, this guy could walk.

Maybe it is time to bring this over to the Springfield GW store....


  1. A great looking engine! Congrats on the outcome. It looks fantastic already, even if it isn't totally done.

  2. Absolutely spectacular, man! I love it!

  3. YEAH! Fantastic, love the red spotlights at the waist and the flames peeking out from the cowling above the head. Looking at yours, I might skip the head inside and just glue it shut, the Beta head is less accessible than the Alpha. Nah, actually, I’d know... I’ll have to paint now I bought that eggshell blue for the innards...

  4. Crisp looking titan. I am not sure abut the blue green panels but otherwise it is a very nice paint job. Not that the blue and green panels are anything but expertly painted, it is just that they look of compared to the rest of the colors in my simple opinion. But I do know the feeling of having put a lot of effort into things that will never be seen, but it is a special kind of satisfaction to know it is there even if no one else knows. I magnetized the head of mine so that I can remove it to show the inside if needed. It also allows me to potentially change the head. Not that that is likely to happen but it is nice to know the option is there (same with weapons). Looking forward to seeing it completed.