Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Speed Painting Scenery

Our Heresy campaign continues tonight, and after looking around for some suitably futuristic terrain I decided to grab these pieces and quickly paint them up using a Sherman tank palette. These models probably have three hours max all in. The trick was not caring too much about cleaning up the pin wash. That said, these may get touch ups, chipping, and some rework later since I really like the models. But for now, they have to get straight to work on our table for this evenings battle, where they will be secretly placed on Normandy like terrain. The hatch leads to an underground segment of the battlefield that will have to be built if the Raven Guard find it. Let's hope Eric does, as we both want to get a proper game of zone mortalis in.


  1. Can I ask what your color scheme is? Very John Blanche!

    1. This is essentially a WWII Sherman tank color scheme. I used Tamiya Olive Drab, and then shaded it using Tamiya Dark Yellow. Not much else to it besides a brown pin wash. I used AK-Interactive dark brown for that.