Friday, May 27, 2016

Ever Onward Building Houses

The newest style of house is a stone duplex with external outhouses and a walled garden. The walls are not done yet, but you can glimpse one of them in the top left of the second photo. I am beginning to feel a bit fatigued by the process, but I think the results will look really nice painted up an placed on the tabletop. I have a more intricate large building design that when places with the others will provide a more Belgian feel to the city. One thing I have to resolve is how to attach the two roof halves on the duplexes. I managed to make my original roof moulds a tad bit too short.

One thing I am really looking forward to is making the partially destroyed buildings. I think they will go together pretty quickly, and will add a lot of narrative value to the table.

I think I might do another dozen and then stop. I think I'll have fulfilled my club duty at that point.

The image above is a quick paint test on one of the damaged wall sections. I tried 4 colors, along with some selective shading on the piece. I think I like a combination of all three colors across the bottom edge. The yellow does not work but perhaps it will grow on me in time.

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