Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tiger With Mud

I found some plaster and was able to put a few layers of both dry and wet looking mud on the tiger. The mud obliterated the nicely painted road wheels, but it did let me hide the terrible tracks that came with this model. I am really please with how it came out though, since it adds a level of realism that will look good on my kursk force.

Dark Earth Pigment + Plaster Water
AK-Interactive wet effects enamel for the wet centers
AK-Interactive kursk soil enamel flicked on using a tooth pick and a stiff brush

I am going to experiment more with mud. It might be my new favorite thing since I discovered streaking grime for vehicles!


  1. Although I don't think I am ever going to pick up Bolt Action I must say models like this tempt me and more so with the wonderful paint job you have put on it. Bravo.

    1. You could always paint up a chimera this way. :)

  2. Love this mud effect! Will have to give your recipe a go