Friday, March 20, 2015

Rubicon Models Panzer III For Bolt Action

I painted this Panzer III a while back for the Cold Wars event. During games it turned out to be very very effective. I know most ww2 enthusiasts love Tigers, but the Panzer III was the workhorse of the DAK, so it fits my image of desert warfare better.

The trees are part of my ongoing terrain upgrade project. I have been slowly amassing a stockpile of high quality terrain in order to have better battlefields. These trees are really easy to make.

  • Branches from woodland scenics
  • flock of whatever color you like
  • static grass in a variety of lighter colors than your flock.
  • Brown weathering powder 
  • anti-slip sand
  • Heavy washer

The trees are dipped in diluted white glue, and then have flock added to them. In the case of the autumn trees, I used orange flock followed by static grass.

The trees are glued to large metal washers for support. The metal of the washer is coated in a mix of sand, brown weathering powder, and glue. Drippings of flock, tree bits, etc are added to the base while wet.


  1. How do you like the Rubicon models as compared with the Warlord/Italieri plastics?

  2. The rubicon running gear and tracks are far better than Warlord's plastic kits. This is a big seller for me. The downside is that the gear and surface details on the tanks are very low. This makes it hard to paint tow cables. I am buying both kits interchangeably. I still like resin kits more though.