Sunday, January 25, 2015

One for Owen One for Me (Warlord Panzer IV)

A while back I ordered a Warlord Panzer IV kit from the UK. It arrived missing a few key parts due to some shipping problems, but Warlord's excellent customer service sorted it out quickly and sent me a replacement.

On to painting. The T34 rekindled my love for vibrant armies, though with DAK on my painting table, I focus that into changing up my recipe a tiny bit. Crazy I know, but this time I added yellow to my armor shading. I think that worked out well.

Next up are a Panzer III, and a long barrel Panzer IV. That should give me a nice hodge-podge mix of tanks to use with the motorized infantry. I think tank war might require more than that, but one of them is a Tiger. That has to count for something.


  1. Looking good john. I love the way you do your color modulations. Works so well with the weathering you apply. Very complimentary, and looks great both in photos and in person on the table!

  2. Thanks guys. I think it might be time to paint something 40k. Maybe something red. ;)

  3. Really amazing stuff. Its really fun to watch you pump out these tanks at such a quick rate. Keep it up!

  4. I love your work with the lights.
    Great model.

  5. Hi welche Farben wurden dafür benutzt Bitte. Colors Plaese ?

    1. Vallejo dark yellow modulated over black. The greenish tones come from semi-translucent dark yellow. I then mixed in some Iraqi sand to the mix and highlighted the edges.