Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Improved Smoke

In a few days I will be headed up to the Battle for Salvation in West Nyack New York. I haven't finished painting my army yet, but I think I've managed to create two nice looking smoke markers. I took a suggestion and balled up the cotton a bit. Now if only 40k had random unit activation.


  1. Looks good! I always love these on the table, especially when the light flickers.

  2. Smoke markers look really great John. Since I play ork walker lists, I'd probably need to make twenty of those. :)

    Was there a particular tea light you used?

    1. These came in a big bag from micheals designs. They had white plastic containers, which I chopped off to lower the profile. After that I used hot glue to seal in the wires so there was no risk of fire.

    2. That just gave me a funny image. (Thanks for the answer btw, I love me some michaels trips. Make sure to use their smartphone app! So many coupons!)

      Judges: "John, Your army display was magnificent, the fire effect was so well done, how did you get it to emit heat?

      John: Fire effect????? *Runs off*