Friday, August 22, 2014

NOVA Open Narrative Event Display Board WIP

It is that time of year again, when hundreds of people head over to the NOVA Open and  have a weekend of gaming, friends, and far too little sleep. At the NOVA Last year I decided to paint up a 30k Emperor's Children force for this years event. Instead of purple, I decided to paint up the Warmaster's sea green legion instead.

This display board was meant to evoke the Forgeworld Istavaan III drop site massacre. If you have not seen the FW diorama, then you really should check it out. For those who don't know, the traitor legions had to first purge their ranks of loyalists before they could focus on brining war to the Imperium at large. I built my force to be a loyalist force, but will be fielding Horus as my Lord of War.

The board itself is not complete yet. I have  chipping and smoke streaking on the thunderhawk, and then another round of weathering powders.  Saturday I will test fit the models, and touch up some of the units. I am not sure if I should try and paint the edges of the board black or if they should stay rough and dirty, blending into the rest of the diorama.

I hope I get the chance to meet a bunch of you guys at the convention. Maybe one of you will be lucky enough to win the Ultramarines charity army supporting Doctors Without Borders. It is a magnificent army, and is supports a really good cause.


  1. Looking great! Another exciting thing to look forward to at nova!

    1. Looking forward to meeting you Greg.

      Time to paint the banners.

  2. And another Thunderhawk goes down... man what is it with those things around you? =D

  3. Saw this in person! It looked even better with all of the Sons of Horus on there